How to Make Halloween Costumes Safer

Since 1980, there have been 16 cases in which children under the age of 15 years have suffered burn injuries. One of those injuries resulted in death.1 However, many agree that the biggest risk to injury for children on Halloween is motor vehicle accidents. On Halloween children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car as on any other night of the year.2 It is for these reasons that children’s Halloween costumes need to be made safer to prevent fire injuries and vehicle accidents. Below, you will find tips on how to make your children’s Halloween costumes safer.


How College/University Students Can Make the School Year Fun

Students have begun their yearly pilgrimage to London with the intention of attending the Fall/Winter college or university session. Some students are new to London, and some students are experiencing life away from home for the first time. In order to help our new community members stay safe as they navigate this exciting time, we decided to compile some tips for staying safe and introduce them to some helpful resources!


How to Stay Safe with Children Going Back to School

It’s that time of the year when the aroma of pumpkin spice fills crisp autumn air. It’s also the time that kids start to return to school! As elementary school, secondary school, and universities/colleges begin their terms, we at Neighbourhood Watch London will be focusing on Back to School Safety.

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New Technology To Identify Your Personal Property

Trace Pen


The Trace Identified Pen is an anti-theft device helping residents to mark their property so that in the event of theft, they could have their property returned to them. Endorsed by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Trace Identified pens use a new technology called micro-etching, that can be used by property owners. This invisible adhesive inside the pen is filled with thousands of tiny pieces of metal, each bearing a single serial number that is registered to that pen. Each pen can mark up to 50 pieces of property.

After purchase, the serial numbers of the pens are registered with the company in a database that police have access to. Whenever suspected stolen property is recovered, police can use special equipment to identify if the property was tagged and if so, what the pen’s serial number was. This can be then traced back to the owner. Several businesses in the area, who frequently deal with the sale and purchase of used goods, are now in support of the program and have been provided with signage and detection equipment to assist them in providing a valuable service and peace of mind to their customers. The public, pawn shops and second hand stores can all be active participants in theft prevention, theft detection and theft conviction using Trace.

The package also includes warning stickers to use as a visible deterrent to would-be thieves.

The pen packages are available for purchase online or at Home Hardware stores in the London area. Order online at and SAVE $10 using the promo code OACP.

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Moving Into a Neighbourhood Watch Community

About 6 months ago, my family and I were considering buying our first home. Being new to London, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we did know was our priority was to find a safe, nurturing community for our children to grow up in. We worked with our realtor and did a lot of searching online before finding the best location for us. Once the deal was finalized, we started the process of moving in.

Our first week in the new house was hectic, organizing furniture, cleaning, and learning about the area. One day while I was outside with the kids, one of our neighbours approached me with a big smile. He introduced himself and told me that he was the Area Coordinator for our Neighbourhood Watch community. I had heard of Neighbourhood Watch before, but didn’t know much about the program. He explained that he could be our point of contact in the event we notice anything suspicious in the area, if we’ll be going away for any extended time, or if we had any general questions about community events or goings on. He brought over a map of the neighbourhood and showed me all the houses that were part of our watch area. It was great to have that feeling of a tight-knit community, where safety and involvement are a priority. Our Area Coordinator then invited us to a little neighbourhood get together to meet some of the neighbours. What a warm welcome!

On a sunny Saturday in September, we wrangled up the kids in the wagon, and headed over to a crescent on our block. There were about 25 people, games and activities for the kids, and a pot luck table with lots of goodies. We spent time meeting each other, talking about what we do for work, where we came from, and how we came to live in this neighbourhood. We met people from as far away as Australia, and others who were born and raised in London. We met a photographer, a make-up artist, an accountant, a dietitian, and a stay at home mom. We learned about the school in the area, and about some great child care options just up the street. We even learned about a little ice cream shop that we didn’t know existed, but has now turned into one of our favourite after-dinner treat adventures. We sang songs, ate good food, and enjoyed the company of those that live so close to us. There were so many different people, but one thing that was the same for all of us was our smiles and genuine joy of being part of an inclusive community.

I provided our Area Coordinator with my e-mail address, and he sends me updates on any activities in the neighbourhood. This can include break and enters, car thefts, arrests made in the area, vandalism, or other criminal activity. He also e-mails me if there are any community activities that we can be part of, like our annual neighbourhood movie night. What a great feeling to be able to walk down my street, recognize faces, and say hello to new friends. It’s nice to know that your neighbours are looking out for you and your property, and that you have people close by you can trust. Being part of a Neighbourhood Watch community has made my new house feel like a home for me and my family.