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Watch Area Program

Our Watch Area Program is focused on bringing neighbours together so that they can improve their communities through safety initiatives. We believe that a vibrant neighbourhood is one where neighbours talk to each other, help each other, and become part of a community that is safe and engaged. These neighbours take the time to know what is going on, look out for and care about each other. If criminal activity is observed, it is reported to London Police Services and other stakeholders.

In addition, Watch Area members will be provided resources to assist seniors and those suffering from social isolation.

We know that each neighbourhood is different and has unique needs and concerns. Are you concerned about traffic calming, substance abuse or mental health issues? We can assist you to form working groups to present your concerns to your local councillors.

Getting started is easy, and our Watch Area Program is available to all residents of the City of London. You can either join an existing watch or our virtual watch group. Our virtual watch group allows those living outside of an active area to still receive NWL membership benefits.

No Watch Area in your neighbourhood? No problem – we can help you form your own!

You simply need a group of neighbours that meets the following requirements:

  • One lead contact who will become your Area-Coordinator. This individual must be a resident of the City of London, and must have a valid E-mail and phone number on file with Neighbourhood Watch London
  • Your Area Coordinator must have a Vulnerable Sector police check no more than 90 days old
  • At least 10 homes on the same or adjoining streets; all Neighbourhood Watch Members must have a valid E-Mail address on file with us
  • Agree to Neighbourhood Watch London policies (supplied at time of establishing your Watch Area)
  • Payment of membership fees per household
  • Payment of Neighbourhood Watch road signs (These fees are imposed by the City of London and are not controlled by Neighbourhood Watch London. Please contact us for an exact price.)

Scams & Alerts

Attempted Online or Email Fraud?

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre.

This is a joint forces organization combined of RCMP, OPP, and municipal police forces as well as the bankers association, FBI, CSIS, INTERPOL and local institutions (as the case requires).

They may be contacted on:
1-888-495-8501 or (705) 495-8501

Or via their website where you can leave details regarding the incident/scam online: Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre

Or by email:

Some Common Senior Safety Issues:

  • Street Safety
  • Improper outside lighting
  • Walkway maintenance
  • Mobility
  • Fire Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Interior home safety

Some Common Senior Fraud Issues:

  • Identity Theft
  • Banking Fraud
  • Home Renovation
  • Public Utility
  • Telemarketing Scams
  • Medical
  • Charity

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