NWL March 2023 Anti Fraud Update

Vishing? Phishing? Smishing?

….. Confusing? You bet! They’re all terms to describe cyber scams.  March is Fraud Prevention Month, and the Canadian Bankers Association has a quiz on their website to test your fraud awareness. Here’s the link Fraud Prevention Quiz 

Just so you know….

Vishing refers to “Voice Fishing”. Scammers leave a voice message asking you to reveal personal information.

Phishing is when the cyber criminal sends emails and creates websites designed to look like they’re part of legitimate companies.

Smishing involves (SMS) text messages on your mobile phone asking you to click on a link.

“Take Five Tell Two”

This is an approach recommended by OPP outlined in a recent CBC news report.

If someone approaches you with a pitch, take five minutes to think about it, and bounce the pitch off two different people you trust.

Other advice: 

  • Be suspicious of unsolicited  text messages, calls and emails
  • Don’t send money to someone you don’t know (especially cryptocurrency)
  • Don’t share information over the phone, text or email with people you don’t know
  • Be wary if there’s a sense of urgency to pay money
  • Read the fine print