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NWL March 2022 Newsletter

Spring officially arrived on March 20th. The team at NWL wishes you all the best as we welcome the season.

Crisis in Ukraine

We all have been watching events unfold in Ukraine with great concern. Along with our generosity to those affected, comes this advice from Competition Bureau Canada about recognizing charity scams.

Fraud Awareness Month

March is Fraud Awareness Month, and London Police would like everyone to be on the lookout for identity theft and fraud. The LPS website has advice on how to spot fraud including these tips on avoiding rental scams:

“Covid-19 has made it easier for fraudsters to scam money out of those looking for rentals. Keep these tips in mind when looking to rent a new property:”

  1. Do not pay with cash. Never provide payment methods that are untraceable such as bitcoin, cash or wire transfer. They are impossible to track. Consider personal cheque, money order, bank draft, or certified cheque instead.
  2. Never rent sight-unseen. Arrange to see the property in person when the landlord plans to attend. Ensure the property is the same as advertised online before signing a lease.
  3. Meet the landlord face-to-face. Ensure you meet the landlord in person to confirm the rental is not a scam. If the landlord provides excuses to avoid meeting, be wary.

For more tips on avoiding rental scams and other fraud-related advice visit the LPS website.

Protecting Yourself From Pet Fraud

March 23rd marked National Puppy Day.  According to the Better Business Bureau, pet scams are continuing to rise in 2022. To avoid becoming a victim, the BBB advises prospective purchasers to do their research. Their tips include:

See the pet in person, and if that’s not possible ask for a live video call.

Watch out for payment methods. Some offer no way of getting your money back if you’re a fraud victim.

Consider adopting from a local animal shelter.

For more information visit:

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Pet Scam

COVID 19 Update

On March 22nd, face masks were no longer required in most settings in Ontario. As well, effective this month, proof of vaccination and screening requirements were lifted. However, the Middlesex London Health Unit does have recommendations as health measures are eased. This includes staying home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling sick. For a snapshot of changes to public health measures go to:

Middlesex London Health Unit

Neighbourhood Decision Making

Do you have a great idea for improving your neighbourhood? From now until April 29th the City of London is accepting submissions for its Neighbourhood Decision Making Program. Examples of ideas include little libraries, bike parking, and outdoor chess tables. Individual neighbourhood projects are eligible for up to $30,000in funding. For more information check out:

Neighbourhood Decision Making