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NWL February 2023 Anti-Fraud Update

Do you think this is screenshot of: 

  1. A visitor to someone’s home?
  2. A delivery person?
  3. A stranded motorist?
  4. A suspect in a recent grandparents scam?

For the answer (in case you hadn’t guessed it!), click on the link to this news report from February 3rd,  CTV News Ottawa This winter the RCMP, OPP, and the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre (CAFC) launched a special campaign to raise awareness of emergency-grandparents scams involving seniors. Last year, a staggering $9.2 million was lost to these scams according to the CAFC. That’s up from $2.4 million in 2021. 

How does the scam work? How can you protect yourself?  Go to the CAFC website for important safety tips. Grandparents scams on the rise 

And this reminder that scams can hit close to home….

Grandparents Scam’ Hits Ilderton

Feb 22, 2023 | 10:49 AM from Strathroy Today 

“Middlesex OPP were called to a business in Ilderton on February 16th around 1:45 pm for fraud. The  person came to the business to get additional funds after paying an unknown person $8400 as a result of the ‘Grandparents’ scam.

The victim got a phone call from the unknown person claiming to be a law firm out of London. The caller told the victim their grandson was in a collision and arrested and needed bail money. A person came to the victims house to collect the money. The fraudster then told the victim an additional $11,000 was needed to grant bail.” Grandparents Scam Hits Ilderton