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NWL April 2020 Newsletter

COVID-19 Update

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to support each other to ensure our communities stay strong. Social media is playing a vital role in helping us all stay connected, so please stay in touch! We encourage you to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram, and also to join our new facebook group to stay in touch. This new group is private, and only open to NWL members.

I’d now like to update you on new and ongoing initiatives that we are pursuing at Neighbourhood Watch London. Because of COVID-19, our NWL office on Elizabeth St. as well as the Over55 office at the Kiwanis Sr. Centre have been closed. Please contact us by email at info@nwlondon if you require assistance. While working from home, our NWL team, which includes our staff and members of our Board of Directors, continues to support ongoing and future initiatives. 

   These include: 

  • Finalizing the development of an NWL app 
  • Bringing on contract staff through a joint federal/provincial employment program to support programming, outreach, and fund development
  • Working with London Police Service to help receive and share important information via social media

Thank you for your patience during this difficult and challenging time. 

Helpful Local Online Resources During COVID19:

London Police Service 

The London Police website provides COVID-19 updates which includes the latest information on police services, procedures, and crime reporting.

City of London

  COVID-19 – Slowing the spread means following the rules

Middlesex-London Health Unit

Ontario Ministry of Health

Neighbourhood Watch London


Thank you for your continued support, be sure to stay in touch via e-mail & social media, and stay healthy!

-Rodolfo Martinez, for the NWL Team