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July 2020 Newsletter

Greetings from NWL!

What’s New at NWL:

We are thrilled to welcome some new faces to the NWL team. We are fortunate to have them working with us on a temporary basis, through the Job Creation Partnership program. Here is a bit about them:

Jose Quezada

Jose is our new Digital Marketer with 5 years of experience working in advertising and skills ranging from planning to production. Jose has worked alongside pet giants like Petsmart to e-Commerce startups. His focus is to always represent a brand at its best. 

Sharon Ormston

Sharon joins NWL with expertise in the development & delivery of exceptional community based services.  Her professional experience has taught her that “A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force”.  

Dale Brush

Dale has over 40 years experience in sales, marketing and fundraising roles.  Dale has spent the past 20 years raising funds for various charities and non-profits in Southwestern Ontario. 

Gord Evans

Gord Evans has been a resident of London Ontario for the past 30 years, and he is passionate about making it a better place for everyone living here. Gord spent over 15 years at the Small Business Centre where he helped to launch over 1,500 businesses.

You’ll be hearing more about the team’s initiatives and accomplishments in upcoming newsletters & social media posts. Please be reminded that our NWL office on Elizabeth St. will remain closed until further notice due to COVID. We will be unable to answer or return phone calls, but you can still reach us via email at

Sun safety

Of course, COVID has made this a very different summer from previous years. But we hope you are staying safe, cool & comfortable. We’ve experienced a very hot couple of weeks, so here are some timely reminders about sun safety from the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

The UV Index can be found on

Canada UV Index

Skin Protection

  • Protect your skin when the UV Index reaches 3 or higher. The highest numbers in the day usually occur between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. between April and September.
  • Use sunscreen that’s labelled “broad spectrum” and “water resistant”. Make sure it has a SPF of at least 30, and remember to reapply it often.

Eye Protection

  • Wear sunglasses that have UV protective lenses
    Wearing a hat provides added protection
  • Pets need protection from the sun and hot weather too! Did you know that your pet could be vulnerable to heat stroke? The following advice is from to prevent heat stroke.
  • Don’t let your dog linger on hot surfaces such as asphalt and cement. High heat can burn sensitive paw pads.
    Watch grooming. Dogs with long fur should have at least one inch of fur on their coat to prevent sunburn. 
    Provide access to shade and water.

Summer Home Security

Enjoying the warmer months is also about taking a few precautions to help you stay safe. Here are some tips from the London Police Service website:

At home:

  • If you’re gardening in the backyard, remember to lock the front door.
  • Allow for better sight lines on your property by cutting back on foliage.
  • Put a bell on outside gates so that if someone jumps over the gate, it will ring.
  • Install motion-activated lights near doors and windows outside your home.
  • Put blocks of wood in the tracks of sliding doors and windows to prevent them from being opened.

Tips to Deter theft:

  • Unplug the garage door opener.
  • Lock your shed and garage (your tools could be used to break into your home).
  • Keep your bike locked. Bikes are often stolen from open garages while people are in the house or backyard.

Friendly Call

In our June NWL newsletter, we told you about Friendly Call, and we would like to remind you about this new initiative. Over55 Skills at Work is helping to reach out to people during COVID by linking volunteers with people who would benefit from a friendly telephone conversation. If you would like to request the service or you want more information please visit

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