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Why join Neighbourhood Watch London?

General Membership in NWL is free and gives you access to our programs which promote community betterment through safety, engagement, civic participation and reducing social isolation.

We help our members to:

  • Make their communities safer
  • Effectively communicate with one another as well as London Police and other service providers
  • Combat social isolation throughout our communities

Members of Neighbourhood Watch are committed to:

  • Improving the community
  • Reporting any crime or suspicious activity to the London Police Services and your neighbours
  • Engaging with neighbours
  • Reviewing information from Neighbourhood Watch London

As a member you will be expected to:

  • Work to improve your community
  • Help combat social isolation
  • Assist the elderly and those in need
  • Stay up to date on communication from Neighbourhood Watch London
  • Agree to our policies and code of conduct
  • Stay current with membership fees