Neighbourhood Watch London

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Neighbourhood Watch London (NWL) is independent of both the City of London (and any related municipal bodies) and the London Police Service. While we do work closely with both organizations to obtain information and to advocate for our membership, our goal is to remain as a trusted, independent body that works for our membership.  This means that our the majority of our funding comes from membership dues fees and donations so that we can continue to deliver this valuable service.

NWL has two tiers of membership: our free tier and Neighbourhood Watch Plus.  If you are not a Plus member, we highly encourage you to join to receive access to exclusive benefits.

If you would still like to make an additional contribution, we would be very grateful, and your dollars will be going directly to helping make London better. You can donate securely using this form, or contact e-mail for more details.


Our Mission

To help build better communities, by offering programs and supports focused on improving safety, reducing social isolation, increasing civic participation and boosting community engagement.

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Digital Updates & Resources

Get info about community safety and important issues via social media, newsletters and self-serve tools.

Exclusive Offers

Neighbourhood Watch Plus members gain access to savings on home insurance and other items from local retailers.

Join a Community

Whether it's digital or face-to-face, you can form part of a collective voice which is 20,000+ strong.


Work with your neighbours to help make your community better.