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About Neighbourhood Watch London

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Established in 2001, we are a registered charity focused on building vibrant, resilient and engaged communities. We provide resources and guidance for community building and safety initiatives.  We help residents to take positive steps to make their communities better, and work with them on how to identify, mitigate, and report community development and safety issues.  Our programs help reduce social isolation while increasing community engagement and cohesion. 

We are constantly adding new neighbourhoods and members, due to the increasing concerns of Londoners regarding safety and community issues. Our original mandate of crime prevention and safety has grown to include issues such as traffic calming, civic engagement, and support for local businesses.

NWL currently operates in over 460 Watch Areas, has over 20,000 members, and actively engages over 450 volunteers to help make London better.

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How is Neighbourhood Watch Structured?

Neighbourhood Watch London (NWL) is a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and managed by Over 55 London.  

How is NWL Funded?

Neighbourhood Watch London (NWL) is independent of both the City of London (and any related municipal bodies) and the London Police Service. While we do work closely with both organizations to obtain information and to advocate for our membership, our goal is to remain as a trusted, independent body that works for our membership.  Our funding comes from grants, fundraisers, and individual member donations.


To help build better communities, by offering programs and supports focused on improving safety, reducing social isolation, increasing civic participation and boosting community engagement.

Work with your neighbours to help make your community better.