5 Apps to Help You with School and Life

Staying organized during the school year can be difficult. Often, you are so busy that you’re quickly overwhelmed and important things can be forgotten. Schools try to help us with this by offering planners and other learning tools. What people easily forget is that most of us have valuable learning tools right in our pockets…

Our phones!

We are going to tell you about 5 apps that will make your life so much easier and help you stay organized during the school year.

1. Easy MLA Referencing


I don’t know about you, but I often struggled to get my citations in exactly the correct format. It was usually where I lost the most marks for my papers. The Easy MLA Referencing app is such a handy tool! All you have to do is put in the information for your citation and it will populate the citation for you in whichever format you need it. However, I think the best feature on it is the scanner. You can use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode on the book you’re using to reference and it will simply create the citation for you from that.

2. iStudiez Lite


This app is a planner tool. Aside from going paperless, you will have your schedule at your fingertips with notifications on the device you already use the most. You have to commit about half an hour to put in the due dates for your assignments and exams and the app will give you notifications for things that are due. You can view all of the assignments that you’ve completed, the ones that are currently due, and the upcoming assignments in order of what’s due next.

3. Tiny Cards


Cue cards are an excellent way to test your knowledge and learn your subjects faster. The downside to cue cards is that it can be a waste of paper and time consuming to make. With the app Tiny Cards you can create digital cue cards that will test your knowledge of the subject you are studying. The best part is that it will use an algorithm to understand what parts of the subject you understand less and test your knowledge on that. The makers of the app boast that the amount of time it takes to learn a subject is decreased by using the app.

4. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a huge resource for learning different subjects. They cover math, science, economics, history, and many others. In using the app you can find videos explaining complicated topics in each subject, practice questions to sharpen skills, and in-depth articles. If you have trouble understanding a subject in class you can always use the resources offered by Khan Academy to gain further insight.

5. Real Talk


It seems so ridiculous that you’re expected to know the career you want to pursue when you’re in high school. I know that after I finished high school that I had wished I had taken different classes to open more doors for different careers. Alternatively, some people get through their schooling and begin the career they worked so hard to have only to realize that it was not what they thought and no longer wish to pursue that career. Real Talk is an app that addresses concerns regarding which career might be right for you. The aim is to provide an unfiltered discussion about post-secondary and career choices – “everything from whether university is worth the money all the way to how you can break into your first ‘real’ job.”

School can be overwhelming at times but by using these apps school will be a breeze.