Building Vibrant Communities

Building Vibrant Communities.

Neighbourhood Watch London

Neighbourhood Watch London focuses on addressing safety and local issues on the community with programs and initiatives driven by a strong base of volunteers.

Our Mission:

To help build better communities, by offering programs and supports focused on safety, reducing social isolation, increasing civic participation and improving community engagement.

How We Make Communities Better:

We work hard to improve our communities by supporting our base of volunteers, members and local business owners with the resources needed to successfully deliver our programs at the neighbourhood level. You can learn more about our programs here.

About Us:

Established in 2001, we are a registered charity focused on building vibrant, resilient and engaged communities. We provide resources and guidance for community building and safety initiatives.  We help residents to take positive steps to make their communities better, and work with them on how to identify, mitigate, and report community development and safety issues.  Our programs help reduce social isolation while increasing community engagement and cohesion.

Join or Form a Local Neighbourhood Watch Area

Joining a Watch Area can help improve safety in your area. It’s easy to get started. Learn more here.